Five Tips For Creating Veterinary Social Media Content

It is no secret that building a solid social media strategy for your veterinary clinic demands a lot of time and effort. However, the energy spent developing and sharing interesting content is indeed worth it. In fact, now, most users search on social media for products and services. Moreover, the strong influence of social media has led to customers not engaging with businesses that are not actively posting. 

Posting excellent social media content helps you generate more business through increased followers and referrals. Remember, social media is the best medium to advertise and build your brand. 

Below, we have listed the top five tips for creating veterinary social media content!

1. Post content personal to your clinic: The best way to communicate with your target audience about your veterinary clinic is to interact with them through social media. Talk about your unique features and post personalized content, such as photos of staff, patients, and the clinic. Take advantage of the high-quality smartphone cameras and start snapping and sharing away! Make sure to encourage your clients also to share their images with you. 

2. Interact with social media followers constantly: Develop a practice of responding to all comments, positive or negative. Converse with your followers to let them know they are special to you and keep them engaged with your business. In fact, social media algorithms consider this when ranking your content on the feed. It means the more active you are on your account, the more reach your posts will get. 

3. Create video content: Most social media platforms prioritize video content over photos. Video content gets better engagement than other forms of content. In fact, remember, your veterinary hospital has excellent content walking in through those doors every day. Take a video of those furry friends playing or doing something cute.

4. Keep your content current: Something new will happen at your clinic every day. Post about those activities on social media if they affect your client in any way. For instance, if you experience a spike in certain disease-related cases, create content informing the audience about the same talk about how they can protect their pets from the disease. Do not forget to mention that your clinic offers treatment services for the same. 

Another good way to create excellent content is by choosing relevant topics. For example, create content related to Christmas or Thanksgiving during the holiday season. 

5. Host a Q&A live: Pre-decide a time to go live on Facebook or Instagram and answer your audience’s questions. It will help you exhibit your clinic’s expertise and personality. However, do not forget to add a call to action at the end of every answer.

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