Search engine optimization can be like a minefield to navigate, especially if you are a startup. While some startups recognize the importance of SEO and how it contributes to successful business, many do not have the time to fully understand it in order to be able to do it themselves.

Unfortunately, the truth is the second your startup has an online presence, SEO matters. That is why it is vital for you to acquire the services of an SEO expert as soon as possible. For those who are still unsure, here are the main benefits.

Who Looks at the Second Page? 

Most studies that are conducted on search engine page results and the percentage of users who click through to websites all show the same thing. Almost nobody looks past the first page. One study found that more than 95% of searchers don’t click onto the second page of Google. In fact, only 4.8% of users do. It gets even worse further down the line, as only 1.1% go on to the third page and only 0.1% go any further than that.

As a startup, your business is not likely to be included in the first page of Google’s search results. In fact, it might not even be on the second page.

Local Search is Becoming King 

Some of the fastest growing sectors for small businesses and startups are auto repair shops, beauty salons and dry cleaners. For these industries, being found by the local customers is vital. Gone are the days when you could put flyers through doors and posters up the street. Today, it is all about local searches.

To be found on local search results, your business needs to be optimized by acquiring local listings and a Google Business page. It also needs to take control of its reviews by engaging with customers in popular review sites like Yelp. With local search becoming a bigger percentage of the total searches completed, your startup could lose out massively by not having an SEO expert make your business much more visible. An SEO expert can help by acquiring a Google business page and ensuring that your business doesn’t have multiple listings. They will also improve your on-site SEO and help with reputation management issues, such as dealing with negative reviews.

To stay on top of the competition you need your startup to be visible and approachable through a strong online presence.

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