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Creating responsive sites have become an essential for online businesses today if they are really desirous of success. Responsive sites are sites that are pliable across different viewing platforms without any recourse to the site’s quality. When these sites are viewed either on desktops or mobile devices, they upload. 
Though the contents of the site are re-sized and re-structured, the quality of the page and its contents are not affected in an unwholesome manner. The beauty and clear structure of the website is not tampered with which leads to saving needed funds which could be channeled to other important uses.
The era of building websites that are optimized for desktops only is far gone. Any website created today need to be available across several platforms. Websites are built today to be accessed by visitors on pc’s and mobile devices. Today, many people are accessing the internet through mobile devices than PC’s.
Brands are becoming more favorable disposed to websites that are optimized for mobile viewing. Visitors are becoming increasingly impatient and don’t like sitting down waiting for a website to take ages in loading. Websites which fail in this aspect suffer a lot of bounce rate.
Why this is so is because of customers impatience in that they are not favorably disposed to slow loading sites. The poor loading and its non-responsiveness on mobile devices makes visitors displeased with your services which also increases the bounce back rate of your site and this sends a wrong message to search engines.
An unresponsive website informs search engines that visitors are not having a great experience on your site or the site does not have relevant content that are relates with the search terms. This ultimately affects your site’s ranking on search engines which leads to your site been pushed down the search. This is definitely not what you are interested in achieving. In the event of this occurrence, you need to employ the services of professionals in redesigning your site. 

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