If you own a small business, it often feels like you’re a small fish in a big pond—one that’s occupied by industry giants who are more than willing to outspend you on marketing.

What if there was a way to outsmart rather than outspend your rivals? The good news is that with search engine optimization (SEO), you can do just that. In a nutshell, SEO is the art and science of getting your website and pages on top of Google’s search results.

According to a study done by MineWhat.com, 81 percent of shoppers research product and services online. This means that if you can establish online visibility, people are more likely to visit your website and patronize your business.

But, how exactly can you take advantage of SEO to take down the Goliaths in your industry?

Create a local listing

If you search for a term, such as “plumber in New York,” Google will often show the top results along with additional information, such as addresses, contact numbers, operating hours, and even star ratings. To get Google to display such results, however, you need to create a local listing page on Google My Business. When you supply complete information, you’re making it much easier for potential customers to find you online.

Be specific

A good SEO strategy means choosing the keywords that afford you the best chance to rank high in search results. For instance, if you’re a pet store, trying to rank for broad keywords, such as “pet food,” is near impossible—millions of competing brands are already battling it out for this space.

However, if you specialize in organic pet food, you might have a better chance of standing out online if you focus your SEO efforts behind those three words. Remember to avoid generic terms and favor specific terms when possible.

Play the local field

Big-box stores have scale on their side, but they often feel a bit impersonal—just another store to buy things from. As the owner of a local grocery store, you know the wants and needs of your customers better than your competitors ever could. Use this to your advantage by creating content and optimizing it by using local geotags, such as “cheapest produce in Daytona Beach.”

In business, being big is no guarantee of success. By using the proper marketing techniques, including search engine optimization, even the little guys can play with the big boys. Need help with your SEO strategy? Then call a trusted SEO consultant like those from All Web, LLC.

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