Every year in the month of May, the Asian Pacific American Month is celebrated. It is a special period where the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who are residing in the United States of America are celebrated. The Asian Pacific American Month is remarkable for two reasons: Firstly, it commemorates the first Japanese people who migrated to the United States on May 7 1843 and secondly, it marks the anniversary of the finishing of the transcontinental railroad on May 10 1869 by the a majority of Chinese immigrants. It is noteworthy to mention that many a times we forget the heroic deeds and achievement of those who served our fatherland. As such it is important we tell you some of the accomplishments done by the Asian Pacific Americans which calls for celebration.
Firstly, Asian Pacific Americans have a remarkable record in the US military army. The Japanese Americans most especially played a pivotal role during the World War II both in the 442nd Regimental combat team and the 100th infantry Battalion.
Secondly, they have transformed into fertile farmlands a majority of the western desert.
It is also pertinent to mention some of the hardships and difficulties faced by the Asian Pacific Americans.
Firstly, when the constructions of the railroads were going on, the Chinese were paid the lowest wages and were made to do the most dangerous area of work which was detonating explosives. Those who died from such act were forgotten and their families were never compensated for their losses.
Secondly, during World War II, the Japanese Americans were put in Internment camps because American and Japan were at war. Consequently, innocent and law abiding Japanese Americans citizens were maltreated badly.
Thirdly, Asian American Japanese were racially abused and discriminated because of their skin colour.
The mission of the Asian Pacific Americans is to foster and enhance a deep cultural appreciation of their cultural heritage and tradition. Furthermore, they seek to foster mutual respect and equity among various racial groups as well as developing and encouraging the Asian Pacific American youth to embrace and live up to their identity.


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