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Cinco De Mayo is an opportunity to promote your restaurant. Even if your restaurant is not Mexican, no one will give an excuse to an invitation to drink margaritas. As this celebration is popular in America, it is a perfect occasion to showcase your restaurant. However, a brief history of Cinco De Mayo will help us to understand what we are celebrating.

Cinco De Mayo is a celebration of Mexican pride, though it is popular among Mexican-Americans. This occasion started in 1862 when a group of Mexicans defeated the French army at Puebla. The outnumbered Mexicans fought hard to win the battle. Their victory was celebrated, hence the origin of Cinco De Mayo. In the Spanish language, ‘Cinco’ means ‘five’ while ‘Mayo’ means ‘May’, the fifth month. Thus, Cinco De Mayo means ‘the fifth of May.’

The origin of this great celebration initiated the idea of using this occasion for marketing campaigns. Moreover, business owners believe they can achieve their goals even in the presence obstacles. To promote your business as a restaurant owner, invite your customers to your restaurant on this great day. Organize a party and send out invitations through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can also hand out flyers to people to invite them to the fun that will take place at your spot.

  • Mexican cuisine: Ensure that special Mexican dishes are available at the party. Creation of a nacho station or mini taco station will be ideal for fixings such as beans, ground beef or cheese.
  • Special Drinks: Stock your bar with Mexican beers. Do not forget margaritas and tequilas for the Mexican celebration.
  • Let The Party Begin: Keep the atmosphere alive with colorful decorations and live music. Treat your guests to great fun. Create spots for games and giveaways will not be out of place.

As you plan for your promotional party, be creative. Contact All Web, LLC for SEO professionals.


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