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Juggling Business Demands While Trying to Conquer Tech Hurdles isn't how Time-Strapped Professionals Grow a Business

I should know - that's why I started my Digital Marketing Agency.


After retiring from the military I felt it was time for me to march to the beat of my own drum. I wanted to be in the driver's seat, give the orders and call the shots. And what better way to do this than by starting my own business. Step one for me was to establish an online presence.

What I quickly found was that there were so many "do this", "get that", "post this", "try that..." types of 'shoulds' when it came to just getting started... I couldn't keep up or grasp the concepts. So, I set out to learn the ends and out of getting started in a virtual world yet was sidelined quickly with my first tech issue - setting up a virtual front desk... a website.

Just like you, I had seen the commercials, heard them on satellite radio - "just drag-and-drop your way to a beautiful website". Yeah, right!! This one simple act took hours throughout the week and definitely monopolized a great deal of my time during the weekends - which was all hours spent away from:

I'd had enough of doing busy, behind the scenes administrative work... that wasn't adding anything to my bottom-line!

Then that's when my focus shifted! I just knew I couldn't be the only entrepreneur, time-and-cash strapped professional who was getting bogged down with the simple task of Creating a Website

So, I got really, really good at web design. READ: thousands of dollars, two certifications and five WordPress Meet-Up memberships later - I went 'all in' on this one aspect of expanding and extending one's online presence. Setting up a virtual front desk, presenting one's business to the world via web design!

I partnered with some even more savvy techies to create a suite of "needed-it-yesterday" professional website themes as a starter package for those of us who 'just want it done' without having to think about each tech piece of the puzzle. These 'done-in-30' starter sites' include: industry-specific written content, logo design and 1-yr. of hosting! How's that for a jump-start to telling the world you are in business!? Here are the "Get Online Fast" website designs.


I've put together a great one-stop-shop for netting time-strapped professionals major media online! My digital marketing agency, staffed with expert SEO consultants, dynamic web designers, cents-ible social media managers and overall guru tech-types, takes pride in turning your website clicks into clients. More than just a beautiful web page or great user UX, we've mastered the art of transitioning browsers into buyers!

I’m Terassah

(that’s Tuh-ra- suh)

My mission, as retired United States Army Officer, is to leverage search engine & social media marketing to expand and extend the online presence of the time-strapped professional. Allow me to reach into my rucksack of digital marketing tools to pull you out of your techy, time-crunch and drag-and-drop-website-builder- boredom!

My Expertise





Want to turn your browsers into ready-right-now buyers....
all without costly and time delays ...

Forget the drag and drop cookie-cutter website builders… stop watching hours of YouTube tutorials and allow me to present your next professional, Google recognized, client-grabbing internet presence without the stress and time-consuming headaches.

When was the last time you googled something and the search results didn’t yield a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ page? If you are looking for an established business, 9 times out of 10, the results would be populated by their site followed by their social media profiles.

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Social Media

The king of search with a reach of billions is of course Google, and Ispecialize in managing Google Adword campaigns. Just allocate how much you want to spend on adwords and my team of experts will manage your adwords campaign for maximum results.

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Pay Per

Whether real or fictitious, one negative review about your company from a disgruntled customer can quickly damage your reputation. Take control of how your brand is perceived online by countering negative reviews with positive ones. Make sure that people know about your brand’s glowing reviews and testimonials.

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Online Reputation

The site build is just the beginning. A website can be so much more than just an online brochure. Post the latest news and updates about your company. Let your viewers know about your latest promos. Keep your site secure, updated, and fresh without having to hire your own developer.

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Website Maintenance
Care Plans